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At Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy, we consider our Middle School as 5th through 8th grade.

Click to download the Middle School Curriculum Overview (pdf)

Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge activities help “bridge” the gap between completion of one grade level and the beginning of the next and assist students in keeping their essential skills sharp over the summer break. The Summer Bridge for Middle School, including grades 5th through 8th, is highly recommended for all Legacy students.

As an alternative to Glencoe online practice, which may be unavailable due to updates, please utilize Khan Academy for summer math practice. Please direct all questions to Amanda Carrico at acarrico@legacypca.org.

*Go to the Khan Academy website at https://www.khanacademy.org.

*Choose Math by Grade (5-7th) OR Math by Subject (prealgebra and up).

*Scroll to the grade or course just completed, and begin the ‘mission’.


Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy

Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy