praxiPraxi is the online system you will use throughout the year to access assignments, grades, detailed school calendar, and account balances.

Detailed instructions and login information for accessing Praxi will be provided at Co-teacher Training.


Your Student’s Grades – Important!

You will be able to access the most up-to-date gradebook for each of your children’s classes via Praxi. As the co-teacher, you are responsible for checking the gradebook weekly to make sure your child has no missing assignments. As your students grow in responsibility, have them monitor the gradebook as well.


Your Student’s Homework – Important!

As the co-teacher, you are responsible for making sure your children complete all homework assignments provided for the week on Praxi by the indicated due dates. Be sure to read “Reminders” and “Instructions for Co-teachers” for each class. As your students grow in responsibility, teach them to access and print their own homework lists, but make sure you also continue to read the assignments, Reminders, and Instructions for Co-teachers.

Note: Print your lesson plans after 5pm on Sundays and scan over them so you can pick up supplies and prevent surprises. Be sure to wait until 5pm on Sunday to print the week’s plans as teachers have until this time to make changes to lesson plans. Teacher changes after 5pm will be emailed to you.


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