Alumni Spotlight – Grace Morris

Graduation year from Legacy: 2019

Number of years you attended Legacy: 5 years, 8th grade – Senior Year

College/university attending: Texas A&M! Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2023!

Year in college: Sophomore by class, Junior by hours

Degree plan: Finance Major in the Mays Business School

Career/future plans after graduating college: Currently planning to go back & get a second degree.

Extra-curricular activities/organizations while in college:

  • CARPOOL: A student organization that provides free, non-judgmental rides home to intoxicated patrons and/or patrons rendered incapable of transportation due to other circumstances! It is SO fun and a great service to my community!!!
  • FRWD: (Freshmen Reflecting While Developing) An organization for freshmen Mays Business students where we are taught core business skills, hear amazing speakers from the business field, volunteer at various philanthropies across the community, and learn from older students in Mays.


Jobs while in college: Summer Accounting/Finance internship at Evolution Well Services

What are you enjoying about your college experience?
I personally love many things about college, but here are a few things that stick out for me. I love the freedom and responsibility that comes with living on your own and keeping track of all your work. Another thing that I appreciate about college is the opportunity to meet so many different people and find your fit. For example, there are more than 1000 student organizations at Texas A&M. Yes. Really. 1000. You can easily find your fit in a group you enjoy, while also finding ways to develop yourself and serve others.

How do you feel your time at Legacy helped prepare you for college?
I am extremely grateful that I found Legacy when I was looking to change schools back in 8th grade. The way the school is formatted taught me an important lesson of diligence that I apply to my own schoolwork every day in college. When I got to college, I was shocked at how there were very few differences from my high school experience. In a regular high school, you will go to school for 7 hours a day, 5 days in a row. This is unheard of in college. While you will likely have multiple classes every day, there is an insane amount of free time that comes with going to college. For a lot of freshmen this free time can be overwhelming, and they find it difficult to get into a routine, or a schedule that is not clearly defined by your classes. Because I went to Legacy, I had been experiencing the college way of schooling since 8th grade. This means that I was thoroughly prepared for scheduling and prioritizing my work by the time I had graduated high school.

What are some of your fond memories/favorite experiences while at Legacy?
My most fond memories at Legacy come from finding my best friends and being apart of the Lady Lions Basketball team. I spent my whole four years of high school on this team, and three of them serving as captain. The team is a great way to find friends or grow closer to your friends and I must say that the coach rocks!

If you had to describe Legacy in one or two sentences to somebody, what would you say?
Legacy is not an easy school by any means, but it will teach you important skills and lessons you won’t find anywhere else, that I assure you will come in handy in your academic career and in life.

How does your spiritual life play a role in your college experience?
There is so much in college that is new, and it is crucial to not forget about your spiritual life. There are many religious organizations, groups, churches, and bible studies on campus to help with this. No matter how prepared you are for college, it is difficult, and you will be challenged. It’s important to remember that God is on your side, and he will not throw anything at you that is not for your benefit.

Do you feel Legacy helped to grow you spiritually and for doing God’s work?
Legacy definitely helped me grow spiritually. I loved how the classes always gave a connection to God in what we were doing. It was really interesting, and it helped me look for him in places I hadn’t thought to look before.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Legacy families or those interested in Legacy?
One other thing about Legacy that I appreciated coming from public school was the teachers. As a student at Legacy you can truly tell how much the teachers care for you and your development. There are so many teachers I had during my time at Legacy that I love so much and am so grateful for.
Another thing about Legacy that I want to shed light on is your access to Dual Credit classes. While there are other ways to get these credits, Legacy does a wonderful job giving you easy access to college credit. I felt so ahead going into college with these credits and I cannot stress enough how much I recommend taking as many Dual Credit classes as Legacy offers.

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