dress codeThe Dress Code provides boundaries to encourage the biblical principle of modesty and minimize the use of clothing as a significant means of establishing social status. The Dress Code benefits families by simplifying shopping and morning routines. Uniforms also identify Legacy students on campus for added security.

Details on ordering uniforms are provided in the summer Getting Ready Guide.

School Dress Code guidelines and requirements are provided in the Family Handbook for the current school year.

dress code ES

Remember the biblical principle of modesty when choosing what to wear each morning. It is the responsibility of parents to discuss school requirements and correct students before leaving home if they are not in Dress Code.

Dress Code violations are considered a disciplinary event:

  • The school will call parents to bring a change of clothes, and students will be required to change before returning to class.
  • The student will receive an official behavior referral.
  • The final decision on any item of clothing is at the discretion of the school principal or head administrator.
  • If you or your child disagree with the Dress Code or other standards required at Legacy, the first step is to follow the current standards. Next, set up a conference with your principal or the Dean of Family Ministry.


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