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Open Gym Basketball

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Dad Trumps “All That”

Did you know that one of the top protective factors against early sexual debut among teen and tween girls is the active presence of a father in her life?  Here are a few things that dads may not know about raising pure girls, from Dannah Gresh of Secret Keeper Girls.

Hardly any men fell in “love” when they were in preschool, but for girls this can be somewhat normal. Three-year-old Cody became an overnight YouTube sensation after shedding more than a few tears because of her love for Justin Bieber. Boy-craziness hits earlier than ever these days! Almost half of tweens say they have or have had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Which means that even if your daughter isn’t boy-crazy, her friends probably are.

A boyfriend might seem “cute” when she is eight, but it sets her up for serial dating and puts both her heart and body at risk. According to psychologists from the University of St. Andrews, girls with absent or uninvolved fathers are at risk for an earlier sexual debut and a greater number of sexual partners. Fatherlessness is also unequivocally connected to teen pregnancy.

The good news is that when dad is involved, his presence becomes the crucial protective factor against early sexual outcomes, even when other risk factors are present. A longitudinal study conducted with the National Institute of Child Health and Development found that regardless of socioeconomic status, race, nationality, personality, history, upbringing, stress, and even exposure to dysfunctional marriages, the father factor remained the fundamental link.

 In other words, dad trumps all that.

For all of our single moms – parenting your child without a dad is tough!  For practical tips on how to parent your daughter without a dad we recommend visiting formerly single mom Angela Thomas, who provides wonderful parenting tips and tricks!

Fathers & Faith

Join us for Donuts with Dad and See You at the Pole!

Investigating Faith with Lee Strobel:

New Poll on Struggles with Dads and God
 Two findings emerged in a new national poll that I commissioned on fatherhood and faith: the younger the generation, the more people report having difficult relationships with their fathers. At the same time, the younger generation reports the highest percentage of people who are struggling with belief in God.

I’m wondering: are these findings related?

Click here to read more.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Dad never did anything half-heartedly. If it was worth doing at all, he did it as best he could. A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22).

This article from Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis tells the story of how one simple man made a difference by being the best father he could be. Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Encouragement for Dads

In 2 Chronicles 33 we find one of the most dramatic historical accounts of a father and grandfather. Is forgiveness really possible? See below for a link to a message of encouragement for fathers and grandfathers from Dr. Rob Rienow. Dr. Rienow is a regular speaker at our national conference for University-Model Schools, and the founder of Visionary Family Ministries.

A Tale of Two Fathers

Great Mother’s Day Ideas for Dads

Visit the link below for suggestions from Parents Magazine for making your wife feel special on Mother’s Day. They asked moms to tell them about the best gift they ever received, and disclose what they really want for Mother’s Day this year. Among the top requests: sleeping in, breakfast in bed, having some alone time, spending the day with family and getting “thanks.” After all, who better to give insight on how to celebrate Mother’s Day than moms themselves?

Great Mother’s Day Ideas for Dads article

A Conversation with Dad

How well do you know your child? How well does your child know you? Ask your child these questions and you may even enjoy a good laugh on the last one.

  • Who is your child’s favorite teacher?
  • What does your child like most about school?
  • Name your child’s closest friend.
  • What is your child’s proudest accomplishment?
  • Where would your child most like to go on a vacation this year?
  • What does your child think you do for a living?

(Fathers in Schools: How Dads Make a Difference, Education World, 2010.)

App for Dads

The Courageous Dads app lets you watch inspiring videos, plan discussions with your child using interactive tools, and have meaningful, relationship-building conversations through Courageous Conversation discussion guides. These guided conversation guides will help you deepen your relationship with your son or daughter. Follow these instructions to download the app:

1. Download the Gloo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone or tablet
2. Enter Invitation Code: 1C3B
3. Locate Courageous Dads in the Great Commandment Collection
4. Schedule Conversations with each of your kids!

Staying Involved With Your Middle Schooler

It’s easy to enter the world of a young child. As a dad, all you have to say is, “Hey there, kiddo. What’s up?” Better yet, you can offer to do something together – read a story or show how to use a few tools in the garage. But that all starts to change sometime in middle school. Sure, kids still want to be with Dad, but they’re also building protective walls and figuring out how to make their own decisions. That’s all a part of growing up, but it can make entering your child’s world a little trickier, requiring some cunning and resourcefulness. Visit this link for ideas on connecting with your child in middle school:

Welcome to the Middle School Zone

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