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Legacy Prep Alumni Spotlight – Rebecca Schardt

Graduation year from Legacy: 2015

Number of years you attended Legacy: 8

College/university attending: Abilene Christian University

Year in college: Sophomore

Degree plan: Social Work

Scholarships/recognitions/awards for college or while in college: Presidential Scholarship, Dean’s List

Career/future plans after graduating college: I plan to attend graduate school after finishing my bachelor’s degree.

Extra-curricular activities/organizations while in college: I studied abroad in Oxford, UK. I have done volunteer work in the Abilene community as well as in Oxford. I am currently pledging the social club, Zeta Rho, on campus.

What are you enjoying about your college experience?
I am really enjoying learning and the classes I get to take that are about things I am interested in.

How do you feel your time at Legacy helped prepare you for college?
Being at Legacy helped me learn great time management skills which is very important to have in college.

How was your adjustment to the college schedule based on coming from a university-model school?
It was not too difficult.

What are some of your fond memories/favorite experiences while at Legacy?
I loved how involved I got to be at Legacy especially with sports. My time playing with those teams and starting those teams are my favorite memories.

If you had to describe Legacy in one or two sentences to somebody, what would you say?
Legacy does a great job of preparing kids for college. It is a great place for kids to get involved in many different activities.

How does your spiritual life play a role in your college experience?
I attend a Christian university so it is part of my daily life on campus. My professors do an amazing job of connecting spirituality to future practice in our careers.

Do you feel Legacy helped to grow you spiritually and for doing God’s work?
Legacy helped foster my leadership skills in a spiritual environment.

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