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Legacy Prep Alumni Spotlight – Sarah Cruthirds

Graduation year from Legacy: 2015

Number of years you attended Legacy: 7 years

College/university attending: Baylor University

Year in college: Sophomore

Degree plan: University Scholar (Honor’s College), BA Biological Anthropology, Pre-Medicine Track

Scholarships/recognitions/awards for college or while in college: President’s Gold Scholarship, Community Leader Scholarship

Career/future plans after graduating college: I plan on taking a gap year to either obtain a master’s degree or participate in an extended mission trip, then attend medical school.

Extra-curricular activities/organizations while in college: I am currently a Community Leader in Penland Hall (CL is basically an RA). I am a member of the Honors College, and I was recently offered a bid from Baylor’s Christian female sorority, Kappa Chi Alpha (KXA).

Jobs while in college: I’ve been blessed to be a Community Leader here on campus.

What are you enjoying about your college experience?
The people! From other students, to professors, to TA’s, to my residents, I have learned so much from all the wonderful people around me.

How do you feel your time at Legacy helped prepare you for college?
My time at Legacy prepared me to flourish in small class sizes where professors expect students to actively participate. This requires a lot of prep on the student’s part, a practice I believe Legacy instilled in me.

How was your adjustment to the college schedule based on coming from a university-model school?
My first semester was a bit rough, but I feel like I’ve made so many improvements every semester since. Because of attending a UMS school, I felt better prepared for the adjustment of not having classes every day.

What are some of your fond memories/favorite experiences while at Legacy?
Most of my favorite memories come from being a football manager for so many years. Watching friends, classmates, and especially my brother grow into young men with hearts for the Lord was such a blessing to be involved in. Being Homecoming Queen my Senior year was also a huge honor!

If you had to describe Legacy in one or two sentences to somebody, what would you say?
Community-based, Christ-centered education which prepares students holistically for the challenges faced in college and beyond.

How does your spiritual life play a role in your college experience?
My walk with God has been and will continue to be my source of strength. Finding friends and a church home where I can continue to grow my faith was at first a daunting task but has served me well in times of need.

Do you feel Legacy helped to grow you spiritually and for doing God’s work?
Legacy prepared my heart and mind to be open to God’s call. For example, going to Kenya this past summer was scary as I had never previously left North America. I believe my ability to trust in God’s plan, despite my fears, allowed me to experience the most life changing event in my life.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Legacy families or those interested in Legacy?
Legacy provided me many opportunities and prepared me for college quite well, but what I will always treasure most is the time I was able to spend with my family, specifically with my mom. While I spend most of my time in Waco with my college friends, I know I will always have a friend, comforter, and supporter in my mom.

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