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Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy Celebrates 2017 Graduating Class

Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy Celebrates Graduating Class of 2017

Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy celebrated the graduation of its senior class on Friday, May 19, 2017.  The graduation ceremony was held at the school’s campus on Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands.  This memorable event recognized the graduation of 17 outstanding senior students.

Founded in 2005, Legacy Prep is comprised of grades pre-kindergarten through 12th.  The school prepares students to be successful in college and life by providing a rigorous academic background that is rich in opportunities.  Legacy Prep is a Christ-centered, university style school that creates college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ.

According to Mike Schardt, Chairman of the Legacy Prep Board of Directions, “We are thrilled to present our fourth graduating class in Legacy Prep’s 12-year history. We are proud of the accomplishments and achievements represented within this class. As they prepare to move on, we wish them well and look forward to their continued success.”

The evening included a graduation ceremony with a valedictorian speech by Landon Davis. A reception followed at the school to celebrate with family, school staff, faculty, and friends.  The graduates received several offers to colleges and universities and were able to choose the higher learning option of their choice.

Audra May, Legacy Prep Head Administrator, stated, “This is a special group of seniors. They are ambitious and not afraid of a challenge. I know this will take them far and they will accomplish so much!  These halls will definitely be different without them!”

With enrollment and interest in Legacy Prep continuing to grow, the school is excited to begin its 13th year.  If you would like more information on Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy, please visit www.legacypca.org.  An upcoming informational meeting for the 2017-2018 school year is scheduled for June 12th.

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