integrity-compassIn order to attend school at Legacy, all students must agree to abide by the Student Code of Conduct, found in the Family Handbook for the upcoming school year. Parents are required to read the Code of Conduct with their child, discuss and answer any questions, and sign the Student Code of Conduct Agreement found in section 15 of this online orientation. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or Behavior/Discipline policies will jeopardize the student’s enrollment at Legacy.

Behavior Policies

Parents are required to read the school’s Behavior/Discipline policies, found in the Family Handbook for the upcoming school year, and agree to abide by them as a condition of student enrollment.

  • Respect rule – The primary way we cultivate a productive learning environment at Legacy is by requiring students to demonstrate RESPECT — for God, for those in authority, for others, for self, and for school property. Our Respect rule ties back to Matthew 12:29-31 where Jesus tells us to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Celebrate the positive – During the school year, teachers and staff look for opportunities to celebrate respectful attitudes and character growth.
  • Verbal correction – Teachers have the responsibility to enforce classroom and school rules. When a child displays a lack of respect at school, teachers start by talking about the behavior with the student.
  • Parent communication – Teachers communicate with parents early in the process so that parents and teachers may partner together to grow character.
  • Administrator assistance – When needed, teachers also will involve an administrator to help with shepherding the child’s heart and working together with parents.
  • Parent partnership – You may be asked to work at home with your child or come to school for a conference.
  • Church attendance – As a condition of enrollment, parents agree to faithfully and actively attend church, which contributes spiritual and character instruction necessary to the UMS model.
  • Address issues at home – Parents have the ultimate responsibility for student behavior and Legacy expects parents to address issues at home to correct behavior concerns. As a UMS school, Legacy relies heavily on parents sending their kids to school with respectful attitudes and in dress code.

By working together, teachers and parents can cultivate Christian character, provide a Christ-centered learning environment, and encourage the development of positive Christian relationships among students. When you enroll your children at Legacy, you agree to support the school in these efforts.

Students entering Legacy must agree to uphold the standards listed above. Students are expected to use edifying language and build one another up. Students discussing inappropriate topics or those not in agreement with the mission and vision of Legacy will be referred to the principal for correction and/or disciplinary action.