A Note from

Student Health Services

We look forward to caring for each of your students.  Please see the attached documents summarizing the Student Health Services (SHS) policies and know we are always available to discuss any concerns you have about your student’s health (healthservices@legacypca.org).  A few things to note:

· We require a new Emergency Information Card each school year, one for each student.  Please update us as soon as possible if any of that information changes during the school year.

· Please remember that, for safety reasons, students are not permitted to carry medication at school.  If your student requires medication given during school hours, please contact SHS.  The one exception is asthma inhalers for Middle and High School students, but SHS still must be informed the student requires this medication and carries it on his or her person, especially in cases of emergency.

· If your student has a medical condition that may require intervention at school or may interfere with his or her performance at school, please inform SHS before school begins.  If this condition changes during the school year, please update SHS as soon as possible.

We pray for a healthy and successful school year and look forward to seeing each of you in August!