I was the first student to go through the entire school system (K-12) at Legacy and throughout my years there I learned the value of time management, responsibility, and leadership. I received a challenging but more importantly a sharpening academic curriculum which perfectly prepared me for college. The transition to college was the same as moving from one grade to the next at Legacy, like nothing had changed. The environment at Legacy is extremely heartwarming, especially as you enter the front door. Every day I was greeted with a smile. As far as athletics go, it was the most unforgettable experience. The coaches really cared about the success of the players, especially the ones who desired to play in college as the coaches were willing the pick up the phone and get connected. PSA: colleges do in fact find you here! Multiple D1-3 opportunities have been earned from various athletes throughout the years. Overall, if you’re looking for a school which teaches your child how to operate in university style environment, Legacy is the place. It’s the ultimate preparation for college academics.