schoolhouseUniversity-Model Schooling offers many benefits! These links discuss a few of the rewards you’ll experience as a UMS parent.

What is a University-Model School?

UMS Purpose

You Make the Difference

All Legacy parents are required to read Character-Driven, College Preparation, by Dr. John William Turner, Jr. You should have received a copy in the mail. Email Jody Robinson, Registrar, if you need a copy (


Additional UMS Differences

Here are some additional differences between a UMS and a traditional school:

  • Open communication between school/home and teacher/parent.
  • Questions and insight about student needs are encouraged from parents.
  • Parents are vital to the schooling process and have a defined role to fill on school days at home.
  • Students receive the same amount of schooling and lessons as in a traditional five-day school, but attend classes on a university-style schedule rather than five days on campus. This means that classroom instruction may move faster than your child is accustomed to. You will play an important role in ensuring understanding of concepts one-on-one at home, and in teaching time management skills.
  • As the “co-teacher” at home, you may find yourself sacrificing time with other adults. You will no longer have the freedom to run errands and take care of other chores on days when your children are schooling at home.


shield logoLegacy’s Vision Statement

“Who is Legacy?” Video

LPCA exists to cultivate parental involvement in the educational process of their children, to instill students with a biblical worldview so they can boldly articulate and defend their faith, to guide them into independent learning, to prepare them for the rigors of college, and to train them in life to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, confidently answering, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8


Legacy Motto

“Here am I. Send Me!” (Isaiah 6:8)


2018-2019 Theme Verse of the Year

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”  Proverbs 16:3


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