Alumni Spotlight – Mia Martinez

Graduation year from Legacy: 2020

Number of years you attended Legacy: 6 years

College/university attending: Naval Academy Preparatory School & United States Naval Academy

Year in college: 2nd year

Degree plan: To be a Marine Officer and fly helicopters

Scholarships/recognitions/awards for college or while in college: Deans List & Superintendents List (high honor roll)

Jobs while in college: Joined the military

What are you enjoying about your college experience?
Attending the Naval Academy is all about being part of a team, which is what I really enjoy.

How do you feel your time at Legacy helped prepare you for college?
Legacy prepared me with time management tools to keep up with assignments and events in order to stay on task. This has been a key component to staying ahead and attentive to my assignments and military fulfillments.

How was your adjustment to the college schedule based on coming from a university-model school?
The adjustment from a university-model school to the Academy has been manageable. The Academy also follows a rigorous and fast paced schedule which made the transition easier than I anticipated.

What are some of your fond memories/favorite experiences while at Legacy?
My fondest memories were being part of the basketball team throughout my years at Legacy.

If you had to describe Legacy in one or two sentences to somebody, what would you say?
Legacy, being a small school, definitely had a big impact on me. Teachers and staff were caring, attentive, and supportive. Legacy provided leadership tools for success and confidence, and it also helped me grow spiritually and strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

How does your spiritual life play a role in your college experience?
My spiritual life plays a big role in my college experience because it reminds me that I cannot lean on my own understanding and to trust God that He knows my plans. Being strong in my faith helps me understand that He knows all my worries and concerns. The Bible guides me in living my life to ultimately do things to glorify and praise God.

Do you feel Legacy helped to grow you spiritually and for doing God’s work?
Yes, Legacy helped strengthen my spiritual growth for doing God’s work. Doing volunteer work or being involved in things to provide for others was something I looked forward to doing. Legacy did a great job of having opportunities to fulfill this experience.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Legacy families or those interested in Legacy?
Legacy was a school that placed a strong foundation in leadership skills, time management, and to be responsible and accountable for my assignments. Teachers and staff helped me grow spiritually and to believe I can be successful in all I do. Legacy also provided me the opportunity to play all sports. This provided team building tools and character building to be an encouraging and supportive team player and problem solver.

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