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Legacy Prep Alumni Spotlight – Chandlyr Mickan

Graduation year from Legacy: 2016

Number of years you attended Legacy: 6 Years

College/university attending: University of Arkansas

Year in college: Junior

Degree plan: Psychology and Criminology

Scholarships/recognitions/awards for college or while in college: Dean’s List, Legacy Athletic Scholarship, New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award Scholarship

Career/future plans after graduating college: While my plans for after graduating college aren’t set in stone yet, I plan to find work in both mediation and negotiation and see where it takes me. I also look forward to adopting my own dog (“Peter Barker”) and letting him run around my own backyard.

Extra-curricular activities/organizations while in college: I joined Psi Chi (an international psychology honor society) in 2017 and am still a member. I volunteered at a low-income after-school program my sophomore year. Currently, I am interning at a women’s shelter.

Jobs while in college: Swim teacher, waitress, babysitter, dog watcher, etc.

What are you enjoying about your college experience?
My college experience has been especially unique- I’ve transferred universities twice (so 3 different schools total). My favorite thing about each of the places are all the people I’ve met and become friends with. I also enjoy setting my own schedule, and (after getting generic courses out of the way) taking classes that teach me things I’m passionate about and interested in.

How do you feel your time at Legacy helped prepare you for college?
My time at Legacy taught me how to be independent in focusing on my schoolwork. I also learned that communication with your teachers is key to making sure you get the most out of class (and your best grade!). Legacy taught me to become involved in the things that interest me, and to not be afraid to ask questions if I have them.

How was your adjustment to the college schedule based on coming from a university-model school?
My adjustment to a college schedule was very easy- it’s basically the same as a UMS schedule except you are in charge of what time you want to take any certain class.

What are some of your fond memories/favorite experiences while at Legacy?
All of my favorite memories from Legacy are with my friends. I love looking at pictures and remembering all the different activities I was involved in and all the different people I was able to get to know by doing them like basketball, FOIL, track, cheer, NHS, and swim/dive.

If you had to describe Legacy in one or two sentences to somebody, what would you say?
Legacy will teach you a lot of important lessons, and sometimes learning them will be difficult. Legacy will also surround you with people who genuinely care about you, want to help you succeed, and will give you the tools you need to get to where you want to go.

How does your spiritual life play a role in your college experience?
I have had to be a lot more intentional about my spiritual life after going to college. It’s easy to take for granted that everyone around you has similar beliefs, and not being pushed too hard to defend your own. In college, I’ve had to find my own ways to integrate God in each part of my day, which has made our relationship even more personal.

Do you feel Legacy helped to grow you spiritually and for doing God’s work?
Yes. Having so many people I can look up to at Legacy (my teachers, administrators, coaches, my friends and their families) allowed me to feel comfortable expressing myself and that I always had a family I could rely on to be there for me. Integrating scripture with each of my classes taught me that I shouldn’t assume that God never has a part in something.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Legacy families or those interested in Legacy?
One of my favorite things about Legacy is how accessible all of my classmates were- even though I didn’t have a close relationship with all of them. I would encourage students to talk to their classmates that they might not usually hang out with, or students in the grades above or below them. Your teachers want to get to know you, too, so don’t be afraid to talk to them about anything.

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