Every family is different, and no two families follow the same routine at home. Here are a few strategies that work for some Legacy families. We’ll talk more about how to organize and schedule your day at Co-teacher Training. Bring your questions!

Think of your role as a part-time job

Imagine if your child’s classroom teacher were on the phone, checking email, or cleaning the classroom during lessons. What if she piled the class into a school bus and taught the lesson while driving, buying groceries, or going to the doctor’s office?

While there’s no magic formula for keeping students on task and behaving appropriately, all effective teachers do have one thing in common – preparation. Hours of planning and prayer go into each week’s lessons. Behavior and learning difficulties are researched as they arise so that strategies are in place when students walk through the doors. Classroom teachers work hard to minimize distractions in the classroom and maximize student engagement, and you should too! Block off your home days so you can make the most of this opportunity to minister to your kids.

busy mom 2

Meet challenges head on

Similar to a classroom teacher, almost every co-teacher experiences challenges at home. Common difficulties are:

  • kids resisting homework,
  • working slowly or struggling in certain subjects,
  • sloppy work,
  • lost worksheets,
  • and more!

All of these challenges are character growth opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to address as closely if your kids weren’t with you on home days. It may not make your day smoother, but you can handle the challenges through prayer, a little research if you’re not sure what to do, and consistency with your kids.

An internet search will bring up tons of education web sites that can provide ideas and your teacher can offer suggestions. You’ll also find a list of suggested resources when you get to section 9 of this orientation. Home days allow you to provide one-on-one attention to your children. It’s not always easy, but your kids are worth it.

Plan ahead

One of the benefits of UMS schooling is having some flexibility. At the same time, make sure you’re planning ahead to reduce stress. If you’re always cramming homework or projects over the weekend or on Sundays, consider looking at your schedule at the beginning of the week to break up assignments so your kids will have a relaxed, productive learning environment and will learn effective study habits.

Keep in mind that teachers are encouraged to spend time with their families after school hours and on weekends. If you wait until the weekend to do homework, you won’t have access to teachers when you have questions.